Social Boom III

Gitomer ends his boom Social Boom by explaining less of what to post to interest people and more of how use each platform to gain information as well as promoting you business. This section has short chapters by different authors who add their two cents to the big picture of what Gitomer is looking at.

The biggest thing that I struggle with is the presence in social media. You don’t want to be overbearing and you don’t want to be non existent. It is important to find your happy medium. I found Gitomer’s tweet examples to be very helpful in showing exactly what you might use when tweeting.

Something that my company has never really gotten into is YouTube. That isn’t to say that our vendors haven’t though! As a distributor I love showing people YouTube tutorials on how easy a product is to use. We don’t even have to make the videos and we can post them or email them so that they are immediately available.

My favorite part about social media marketing is that it can be done for FREE! My company is very old fashioned, thankfully, these free sites let me expand our marketing directive without having to ask for a stipend. I have found that it is easy for me to post an article that people can relate to but was written by someone else, as well as promoting our customer’s success in an effort to backhandedly promote our part in that success.

There is no reason that people should not use social media. It is not the way of tomorrow, it is the way of today. It is also easy, so why not!

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New Business Social Media

About a month ago Pinterest introduced a ‘Business Pinterest.” I believe some businesses were already using this, especially craft and architectural businesses, anyways after some research I made one for my company. Pinterest has taken the most amount of time of all social media platforms. I think this is because it is the most misunderstood in a business sense. I have used our Pinterest to showcase some of the products we offer, some of the things that our customers offer and crafts that can be done with packaging materials.

I don’t believe that this will be one of the strongest platforms online for us, but at least our name is out there and we can push for more innovation.

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Social Boom: Part II

As I read through the second part of Jeffery Gitomer’s book Social Boom and looked for other sources to back up his information I found lots of overlap. It seems that many people are beginning to realize that social media is important, however, most people don’t really know how to go about using it.
Gitomer explains how to use these outlets to connect with potential clients and many of the sources reaffirm. Social Media Strategy by Sally Falkowl gives details to engage in conversations online and build relationships.
The website have an article titled 28 Posts on Social Media Marketing the lists many sites which include branding and making/keeping relationships,as well as, keeping content at a high value to readers. My favorite of the articles I found was 1-2 Punch Marketing for Blogs which really gave ideas on how to publish high value content.
The easy to read easy to navigate blog Mashable has thousands of tech tips. My favorite was 5 Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses. I did not find this article advanced but it did have some great tips.
Gitomer pointed out that all social media is interconnected (p.74) and I think this is key to a social media marketing strategy since different kinds of people prefer different kinds of social media.
Social Media Examiner gives a look inside why and how you might use each type of social media. I like this article on twitter: Twitter for Business.
Overall I found some great support sites. I appreciated how this knowledge helped me form my own ideas about what exactly my company is looking. One major point I disagreed with Gitomer about was the way to approach gaining followers on Facebook. He states that it is best to email customers to get them to follow you. I prefer a verbal or subtle hint that we have a facebook and you can follow us if you’d like. I think email becomes too much like spam. We all know how annoying spam is! That brings me to the last article I found that was interesting Mass Email vs Spam.
I am excited to finish Gitomer’s book and continue on my social media journey.

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Social Media

As I work to market my business online I find it difficult to use some outlets for a business such as mine. Packaging is the last thing that people think about. I’m not talking about conventional packaging that a product sits on the shelf in. This is what you use to ship a product.
Our world is based of off visual nature but this packaging is not really interesting to look at. Plain brown corrugated, bubble wrap, wood crates, stretch film, styrofoam peanuts who cares??
Although not as conventional or exciting as other business I have found a way to put us out there! I show cases our customers or other local business. When I play off of the strengths of others it puts us out there in a supportive and positive way. This is easily done on twitter and the information is shown to many people quickly.
I am working on doing this with Facebook and Pinterest as well. Pinterest has launch a new business side of its site and I am working on launching us here as well.
If to do nothing else these media outlets get our name more widely spread online therefore pushing people toward us when they are looking for one of our products.
Stay tuned for more trials and tribulations…

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Webpage 1

I am glad that we are using wordpress to create our webpage. I enjoy the tutorials but I believe that I could have figured most of these things out myself. Creating multiple pages and manipulating them have been easy.
I plan to work on creating sub pages as well as adding text, video and pictures to create a more attractive and eye catching interactive page.

Also I have to give kudos to wordpress because my computer at work refuses to publish my posts, but the app for iphone is great! I can blog from anywhere!

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Social Boom: Part 1

As I look at the cover of Social Boom by Jeffery Gitomer, I notice a familiarity. I then realize that Gitomer has been writing a column in Business First for years and my grandfather, owner of the company I work in, constantly cuts out his articles to use as propaganda for what we should be doing. I find this highly ironic as my grandfather rejects technology and change.

The company in which I work is plighted by an older generation that has a hard time “copying & pasting” let alone using the computer for other outlets. The company has put upon me a unrecognized title of “computer genius” when in reality I only know the basics. As I began reading Social Boom, I felt as though Gitomer was writing to all of the people that I work with. All I could think was “this is what I have been trying to tell you!”

Gitomer does a great job introducing what social media outlets are, how they work and where you might use them. He elaborates on this with how to be successful when using them. I was excited to share some tips with our sales manager such as on the list Gitomer give to brainstorm about topics that you can use for your social media posts, this will be a task during our next sales meeting. I am excited to continue reading to learn more that I can share with my organization.

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How To: Blogging Style

As I begin, I have blogged before, mostly in a journal like format when I was much younger. Since that time I have limited my social media to Facebook and Twitter as I tend to enjoy reading the ideas of others rather then putting my own into the inter web.

The first article I chose to read was “How to Blog Almost Everyday” by Chris Brogan, CEO of Business Works. Chris gives a great list of how to get your creative juices flowing in order to put together posts everyday. Next I felt like “Use it or Lost it! 5 Tips on How to Keep your Blogging Regular” by Darren Rowse, founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips, was a great segue into why you must blog almost everyday as per the other article. Darren states that if you’d like to be relevant you must create a following and  a following can only be created when a site is active. Darren’s tips explain that it is important to keep a schedule and be regular with something little rather than long winded posts, just to remind subscribers that you are around. Here I chose to read the general “How To Blog” by Farhad Manjoo, a columnist at Slate Magazine. This generally reiterated the other two articles, stating that a good blog is frequently posted on, posts do not need to be perfect as they can always be edited later, and it is easier to write in a casual tone just to get out what you’d like to say. I think these three articles do a great job of explaining what is important to new bloggers.

The next two articles both encompass why a blog can help spark business. “How to Blog your Way to Small-Business Success” by Matthew Bandyk gives a great perspective on why some business are not concerned with having a blog and why it can help to have a blog and more activity on the web. The biggest issue mentioned in this article is the importance of reading and being interested in other topics. Blogs that focus solely on the blogger or a business tend to be perceived as arrogant. Lastly the article “What a Business Blog Can Do for Your Small Business” by Darrell Zahorsky of outlines the basics of a blog and the difference between a blog used for personal use and one used within the business world. Blogging is simple, low cost and an easy way to share knowledge with potential customers. These articles had a lot of good points, which I hadn’t initially thought of even though I am involved in the social media within the business where I now work. Another point that I think is important is that the blogs should be run by someone with a multitude of knowledge. Personally I am an important presence in the office but I do now have a lot of product knowledge and that would be a necessity in order to be successful in blogging for my company.


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