Social Boom: Part II

As I read through the second part of Jeffery Gitomer’s book Social Boom and looked for other sources to back up his information I found lots of overlap. It seems that many people are beginning to realize that social media is important, however, most people don’t really know how to go about using it.
Gitomer explains how to use these outlets to connect with potential clients and many of the sources reaffirm. Social Media Strategy by Sally Falkowl gives details to engage in conversations online and build relationships.
The website have an article titled 28 Posts on Social Media Marketing the lists many sites which include branding and making/keeping relationships,as well as, keeping content at a high value to readers. My favorite of the articles I found was 1-2 Punch Marketing for Blogs which really gave ideas on how to publish high value content.
The easy to read easy to navigate blog Mashable has thousands of tech tips. My favorite was 5 Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses. I did not find this article advanced but it did have some great tips.
Gitomer pointed out that all social media is interconnected (p.74) and I think this is key to a social media marketing strategy since different kinds of people prefer different kinds of social media.
Social Media Examiner gives a look inside why and how you might use each type of social media. I like this article on twitter: Twitter for Business.
Overall I found some great support sites. I appreciated how this knowledge helped me form my own ideas about what exactly my company is looking. One major point I disagreed with Gitomer about was the way to approach gaining followers on Facebook. He states that it is best to email customers to get them to follow you. I prefer a verbal or subtle hint that we have a facebook and you can follow us if you’d like. I think email becomes too much like spam. We all know how annoying spam is! That brings me to the last article I found that was interesting Mass Email vs Spam.
I am excited to finish Gitomer’s book and continue on my social media journey.

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